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Judy Robilotti – Visionary/Educator

“My mission is to aid in the consciousness in the Real Food movement. I am inspired to illustrate to others the principles of harmony and balance within our bodies through the use of nutrient-dense foods. Expanding this harmony out into the world is our highest calling.”

Judy lived in New York City in the formative years of her life and emerged with expertise in multiple creative fields. Her Italian descent predetermined a love for aesthetically pleasing, flavorful and nutrient-dense foods. Along with her experiences and passions, health issues necessitated her exploration of food as a source of healing.

Judy was trained as a Certified Traditional Foods Instructor of Nutrient-Dense Foods by master teacher Monica Corrado of Simply Being Well. This certification is based on the principles of Weston A. Price and the cookbook, Nourishing Traditions. Judy is also a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach. Her aim is to educate and inspire others to embrace this path toward health….a life free of pain and chronic disease, hence the birth of Angel~Food.

Judy’s vision is for nutrient-dense foods to return to being common place, not unique and unusual, but to replace the standard American diet. Her intent is for families to cook together, and eat together, once again. As Judy says,

“Let’s get back to the kitchen and take back our health!”

Judy is currently living and developing community in upstate New York with her teenage son.

On a more spiritual level…..“Cultivating Peace” seems to be a complement to healing as it evokes peacefulness and a feeling of restoration within the physical body. I believe that when we create this peaceful, harmonious environment within ourselves, we then have the ability to assist and contribute in co-creating this aspect out in the universe. I now see the importance more than ever that nutrient-dense foods are healing agents in these times of unrest.”- Judy Stacconi-Robilotti